About Peter

Passion and fascination characterize my photography. Both the fascination with flying, as well as the fascination with the world of animals. These two qualities are reflected in his pictures. Even if these two passions are in the first moment in total contrast to each other, it is still an exciting connection, perhaps the motto “opposites attract” applies here.

I have been active in both areas for many years, my images can be seen in various publications, such as newspapers and magazines, advertising and social media.

Fascination Wildlife

When the documentaries of Sielmann or Grzimek were shown on television, they showed a distant world of wild Africa, of animals that I had only seen in the zoo when I was a little boy. They were pictures from a world that was far away. At that time it was an imagination to see once a lion living in freedom from the proximity to stand eye in eye with an elephant opposite. Many years later, the first, admittedly modest, beginnings with wild animals followed. However, it was not the “Big 5”, but birds on the doorstep. It should still take a few years, until it went to Africa for the first time and thus also in the “right” entry into wildlife photography. Overwhelmed by the animal world I started the first walking attempts in southern Africa. Over the years, the search for lions and elephants developed into a fascination for the entire animal world, where there is something new to discover every day. Today it is often the small things that inspire, animals that are simply “overlooked” by many.

Of course, it did not stop at Africa, but it went from the far north of Alaska and Iceland to North America via Europe to Africa. In principle, you could call it wildlife photography between city park and savannah.

Fascination aviation

Watching an airplane take off is always a fascination, the mass and the power behind it, when a machine of this size rises into the air, that inspires young and old, especially if you grow up near an airport. That’s how it came about that one day I went to the airport with a small camera. Over time, the cameras got bigger, and the photographs more professional. While the beginnings were in planespotting, where it was mainly about a particular aircraft, today professional aviation photography is about the image, the story behind it, the story the image tells. But even though photography has evolved, the fascination has remained, which is also reflected in the images.